74% Of All Internet Traffic in 2017 Will Be Video-Based

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Facebook vs Youtube

With Youtube and Facebook competing for video views Facebook dropped there cost per thousand views to 25% of Youtubes cost.  Unfortunatly Facebook counts views as anything over 3 seconds and Youtube counts it over 30 seconds.  The average marketing company would just go to Facebook but after our research, we showed the average cost of a qualified complete view was $.06 on Youtube and $.09 on Facebook.

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Commerical Video Production

Video Ads have the highest click through rate of any ad type.

The Montecito Group has teamed up with Belligerent Seal Productions to offer movie quality commercial video production to go with our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.  We have a full production truck including all lighting, motion systems and 2 ARRI Alexas cameras with Zeiss lences worth a quarter million a piece.

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